Talk about literally living in a nightmare.

The Rosenheim Mansion at 1120 Westchester Place in Los Angeles, best known as the Murder House from American Horror Story, just sold for $3.2 million after previously have been listed for a whopping $17 million. Apparently not everyone is interested in living in a home that had fictitious ghosts murdering residents in its rooms. But hey, props to Angela Oakenfold, DJ Paul Oakenfold’s ex-wife, for being brave enough to purchase the property.

Before the 6-bedroom, 5-bath mansion became known for its rather horrific scenes on TV, it was once just another badass Los Angeles mansion. Built by architect Alfred Rosenheim in 1908, it features historic Tiffany elements including stained glass windows, lighting fixtures and Tiffany glass doors. Not to mention, there’s six tile fireplaces, a ballroom and a solarium. I might risk many sleepless nights for some of those features. Would you?

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