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Americana Measuring Spoons are Shaped like Banjos and Ukeleles

Americana Measuring Spoons are Shaped like Banjos and Ukeleles: Buy Olympia

Buy Olympia

If you don’t like the meticulous nature of baking, change your tune with some Americana measuring spoons. This set of four pewter-cast spoons is made by craftsman Tim Woodsman in Eugene, Oregon. Each spoon is a different stringed instrument: The tablespoon is a 4-inch-long acoustic guitar, the teaspoon is a banjo, the half-teaspoon is a mandolin, and the quarter-teaspoon a 2-inch-long ukelele. Some would say you could really “riff” on a recipe with these bad boys.

Get the set on for $25.

Buy Olympia

Buy Olympia

(via the kitchn)

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