Okay, because it’s Friday and because this weekend is New York Comic Con, why not excerpt this thematically appropriate photo shoot from tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model? The series features models posing all model-ly with a rather austere looking character in some sort of robot get-up. Why are they loitering provocatively in an empty office building? Who knows? Why are some of the models dressed in a stereotypical Native American headdress? I could not begin to tell you. Perhaps there is a time travel theme? We could all wait until tonight, watch the episode, and possibly gain some insight. Or we could just make up our own explanations for this strange scenario. I know which option I will take.

“I realize it takes two to tango, but what if only one of us is self aware?”

“A little to the left, please.”

“I’m not giving back your seat until you give me my stapler.”

“Thank you for not turning on the water. I rust.”

“Dude. Stop bullshitting. Where’d the chicks go?”

“I’m glad Native Americans and robots can join together to fight for equal rights, but this seems like an odd place for a sit-in.”

“You’re probably right. I should smile more. I’m pretty lucky as far as robots go.”