For just under $27,000, you can purchase a seafaring sports car. This particular whip, known as the “Z1A Lamborghini,” is in fact a replica of the Lamborghini Countach, which was manufactured from 1974 to 1990. It’s crazy unique because it’s billed as the world’s only amphibious Lamborghini Countach, and it’s for sale on eBay UK.

“A nightmare to build! But the end results were worth it,” says the man responsible for it, Mike Ryan, who it turns out helped build the amphibious whips on Top Gear. He’s also the founder of SeaRoader Amphibious Vehicles in England.

It’s pretty damn impressive. With body panels molded from a legit Countach 5000QV, the replica is dead on, from the split door windows to the front and back styling. Plus, it can obviously escape supervillain henchmen with ease.

You, potential buyer, just need to fix it up a bit. Built in and for the U.K., the vehicle was shipped to the U.S. and converted for American drivers, and then brought back to its homeland and converted again, ultimately being sold 15 years ago without much water-cruising activity (which, I agree, is ridiculous). The tires, brakes, and fuel system need work, it seems, and the carpeting and seats are listed as MIA.

But if you’re up to the challenge…is there a cooler ride? This is the old-school future we’re talkin’ here and it could be so new wave cool.

H/T Road and Track