Another week, another round of intriguing trailers, and though Rogue One and Luke Cage kinda stole the show, they weren’t the only clips worth talking about. We’ve also got an intriguing new alien invasion thriller, Billy Bob Thornton’s second turn as a completely awful mall Santa, Michael Peña being hilarious and more.

Check out some of the week’s best trailers below.

Director Denis Villeneuve blew us all away last year with the brilliant Sicario, and now he’s back with this sci-fi drama about a small group of experts who must risk everything to prevent global catastrophe when a group of mysterious spacecraft touch down on Earth. Together, a language expert (Amy Adams), a mathematician (Jeremy Renner), and a soldier (Forest Whitaker) must confront the unknown. The cast is solid, the director is brilliant, and though this is a brief trailer, the visuals are stunning.

It’s been more than a decade, but Billy Bob Thornton is still great at playing a completely terrible Santa, and he proves it with this full-length trailer for the sequel, in which he must re-team with his old partner Marcus (Tony Cox) for the biggest score of their lives. This promises to be the lewdest thing at the theaters this holiday season, and I can’t wait.

Rachel Weisz deserves the kind of meaty roles that let her really luxuriate in the subtleties she can bring to a performance, and this certainly looks like one of those. Weisz is Alice, a woman obsessed with the idea that, at any point, she can free herself from the trappings of her life and simply become another person. She’s done this before, many times, but what happens when she runs into an old lover (Michael Shannon) who believed her to be dead for 15 years. It might not be the next Gone Girl, but it certainly looks compelling.

It takes guts to shoot a World War II romance in Casablanca when we already have, you know, Casablanca, but Robert Zemeckis has no fear. His next films stars Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as a pair of Allied agents trying to take down a powerful Nazi official. They go through all the motions of spycraft, and wind up falling in love in the process. Like every Zemeckis movie, it looks gorgeous, and Pitt and Cotillard have some real chemistry bubbling up.

The bad cops on a mission genre is already packed with options, but that doesn’t mean we have to close the books on it. Here, Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Peña, who is hilarious and should be in everything, are the bad cops in question, and this trailer is just a solid 90 seconds of them wrecking shop. If the energy on display here is in the full film, we’ve got a fun one on our hands.