Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live over the weekened to co-host the show they once so thoroughly dominated, and it was predictably one of the best episodes of SNL’s 41st season so far. Because the 2016 election has already provided such fertile ground (thanks in part to numerous GOP debates, one of which inspired this week’s cold open), we all had to wonder if Fey and Poehler would somehow reprise their old Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton characters. Well, it was tricky, particularly since SNL already has a reigning Hillary in Kate McKinnon, but they figured out how to pull it off: Time travel.

Watch as the 2008 versions of Palin and Clinton do their best to give 2015 Clinton advice she can use on her road to the White House, and pay particular attention to the moment when 2015 Hillary tells 2008 Hillary who’s leading the GOP field. Can these two just come back every week?