Between her book, the syndication of her show and some very lucrative tours, Amy Schumer has grossed $17 million this year, putting her cozily in the number four spot of top 10 highest-grossing comedians. Topping the list is comedy behemoth Kevin Hart, clocking in an astonishing $87.5 million. (Read his October 2016 Playboy Interview here.)

Jerry Seinfeld returns to the list of super rich comedians at the number two spot with $43.5 million, making a bold case to go back in time and invest in Seinfeld. Or go back even further and rediscover your love of frightening puppets: Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham clocks in at number five.

Congrats on making the list, Amy. From your searing satire to your bottomless selfies, you deserve every penny.

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