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Amy Schumer Gets a Massive Salary Boost, is Officially a Movie Star

Amy Schumer Gets a Massive Salary Boost, is Officially a Movie Star: HBO


At this point, you could be having the best year of your life and there’s very likely nothing in it that would top the 2015 Amy Schumer is having. She’s got a hit, Emmy-winning TV series (Inside Amy Schumer), a spot on the TIME 100 list, a hit film (Trainwreck), an acclaimed HBO comedy special, a very lucrative book deal, and a new bestie/Co-Empress of America in Jennifer Lawrence. Now, to top it all off, she’s officially a Hollywood powerhouse.

How do we know? Well, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer has just locked down a payday of “between $4 million and $5 million” to star in a new comedy directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50). Schumer will also executive produce and give the original script a polish, so it’s likely she’ll earn even more on top of that.

Now, that might not sound like a huge deal when you compare it with the salaries of, say, Tom Cruise, or even Schumer’s pal JLaw, but consider this: She reportedly earned $300,000 to star in Trainwreck, and while she likely made more from that flick thanks to its box office success and her screenplay credit, her acting salary alone just got a huge bump. In a matter of months, she’s earned the clout to command more than 10 times what she got for Trainwreck. If that’s not proof she’s a superstar, I don’t know what is.

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