A few years ago, when the Internet was a simpler place, I could have just written the word “fail” beneath this accidental “anal” engagement photo and called it a day. Even now, I could probably get away with writing “When you see it…” and nothing more. But I get paid by the word, so I feel the need to continue.

This is either the best or the worst engagement photo of all time, depending on your perception.

It says “anal” in big, bold letters, so if this was a sincere attempt at an engagement photo, it’s a disaster that probably lead to someone’s elderly aunt having a heart attack.

On the other hand, maybe the people involved hate cheesy engagement photos and went ahead with it even though they knew their initials would spell out the formal term for butt sex.

Either way, I hope the bride has a donut pillow on her gift registry.

(H/T: BroBible, Source: Reddit)