Like most people, you want to keep up with current tech trends, and I hear you. Well, the inside scoop is that, apparently, retro is really big these days, seeing as how Mysterious Universe (assumed headquarters seen here) has revealed the discovery of a 2,800-year-old cell phone.

The story goes like this: (Supposed) archaeologists in Fuschl am See, Salzburg, Austria, (supposedly) came upon this (supposed) ancient clay tablet (supposedly) from Mesopotamia circa 13th Century BCE.

As is the case with such deals, it’s brought up the controversial theory held by late author Zecharia Sitchin, which was that ancient astronauts—think the engineers from Prometheus—were responsible for evolved mankind. More specifically, his theory was that aliens known as the Anunnaki from Nibiru—you may know it as “Planet X, beyond Neptune—more or less created Sumerians, who were basically the Beatles of civilization.

However, there’s this other wild theory from the debunking sages at Snopes that German sculptors Karin and Karl Weingärtner of the Art Replik Studio, which specializes in fun replicas of "ancient” art, actually created what they jokingly dubbed “BablyoNokia” in January 2012, meaning the idea that this was ever potentially old-world space tech is crazy dumb.

If there’s anything this wondrous ancient tech has taught us, it’s that you should always do your homework, people.