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André 3000 Is Getting Scandalized on the next Season of ‘American Crime’

André 3000 Is Getting Scandalized on the next Season of ‘American Crime’:

The always-welcomed André 3000 is coming to the small screen in his first major live-action TV role. The rapper’s been tapped to play Michael Lacroix, a prominent Midwest architect whose son gets embroiled in a scandal at an elite private school,“ in the second season of ABC’s American Crime.

The critically acclaimed anthology crime drama—a popular genre these days, given the added ever-present buzz of True Detective and Fargo—was created by 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley, who also wrote and directed All Is by My Side, which starred André 3000 as Jimi Hendrix.

The Atlanta-based renaissance man’s been front and center in living rooms before, though animated, on Class of 3000, a Cartoon Network series he co-created. On big screens, André 3000 proved he’s one of the few talented crossover artists (e.g. musician-turned-actor, actor-turned-musician, athlete-turned-actor, man-turned-werewolf) in films like Be Cool, Four Brothers, Semi-Pro, and Outkast’s own Idlewild.

It’s just going to be interesting to see the dude with the most style on either coast play a Midwest parent.

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