At the Emmys last night, Andy Samberg did something no host had done before. He gave everyone “his” HBO Now Login, since HBO CEO Richard Plepler has said password-sharing “has no real effect on the business.”

So Samberg took advantage.

“HBO has the most nominations tonight, and I just realized that a lot of you watching it at home right now might not have an HBO subscription. But lucky for you, the CEO of HBO recently said he doesn’t think password-sharing for their streaming services is a problem. So here’s my HBO Now login.”

And so came the obvious joke credentials:

  • Username:

  • Password: password1

Except it wasn’t a joke.

To everyone’s surprise, it totally worked—at least for a while. Then the inevitable “Too Many Devices in Use” warning came, and today, it just doesn’t seem to be working at all (believe us, we tried).

Either this was brilliant HBO marketing or the final straw that forces HBO to crack down on the fact that everyone is using passwords that belong to their ex’s sister’s fiancé’s fortune teller or whatever.