Another week, another round of trailers to get us all excited for what’s on the horizon at the box office. This week much of the entertainment world was focused on TV, as the various networks debuted their new fall shows, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun on the film side of things. Check out a new look at The Lonely Island’s upcoming mockumentary and more below.

The first trailer for this flick from The Lonely Island crew was a little too NSFW even for us, but the second trailer is definitely worth sharing. The film stars Andy Samberg as Conner 4 Real, a Bieber-style pop star with a massive ego whose career might just be crumbling before his eyes even if he doesn’t believe it. There are plenty of send-ups of the lavish lifestyle of a music sensation, and then Seal (yes, “Kiss From a Rose” Seal) gets attacked by wolves. This looks like a lot of fun.

The much-debated reboot from Bridesmaids creator Paul Feig has taken plenty of internet flack already, in part because its earliest trailers were a little underwhelming. The latest one, though, is lots of fun. Sure, it’s the UK cut, but each of the film’s five stars (Chris Hemsworth included) gets a chance to shine, and Leslie Jones is particularly hilarious. This film will always have its haters, but it’s looking more and more like something worth watching.

The Purge was an unlikely horror hit, and it’s spawned some even more unlikely sequels. The third installment in the franchise is this one, cleverly playing on the hysteria of this year’s political news cycle. In Election Year, a senator and presidential candidate (Elizabeth Mitchell) who plans to ban the Purge if elected is betrayed by her colleagues and forced out into the night, where she must serve the annual 12 hours of mayhem. It’s a clever idea, even if it’s not as scary as President Trump.

We’ve covered this Seth Rogen animated comedy before, but here’s a more SFW peek for you to chew (pun intended) on. In the film, Rogen voices a sausage who’s one of many supermarket foods just happy to be picked off the shelves and be taken home. The foods think they’re going to paradise, but what they find instead is a massacre in which they’re peeled, chopped, and devoured bit by bit. It’s an idea only a stoner could stretch into a feature film, which might make it the ideal Rogen comedy.

Charles Dickens once wrote a story about a cold businessman who learns the error of his ways after being visited by three spirits on Christmas Eve. This…isn’t that. This is a story about a cold businessman (Kevin Spacey) who learns the error of his ways when an accident traps him inside the body of a cat, and a pet shop owner gives him one week to make things right with his family. Yes, this is a movie about Kevin Spacey turning into a cat. I can’t make this stuff up.