Andy Samberg’s been on a mockumentary hot streak lately. In 2015, he teamed with Kit Harington for the HBO tennis comedy 7 Days In Hell, which is among the most ridiculous things ever broadcast on that network. Then last year he made Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – a film that got lots of critical love and a cult following despite bombing at the box office – with his Lonely Island pals. Now he’s returning to HBO to take on another sport that’s ripe for parody: Cycling.

Tour de Pharmacy chronicles a doping scandal during the 1982 Tour de France, and features a stacked cast including Samberg, Orlando Bloom, John Cena, Dolph Lundgren, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Goldblum and… Lance Armstrong.

Oh yes. If you were curious when Armstrong would finally work up the nerve to make fun of his own doping scandal, the answer is 2017.

The teaser doesn’t really reveal much about the plot, but we’re not exactly talking about subtle satire here. It’s a bunch of funny people going crazy in full-on ‘80s wardrobe, vintage video look and all. These mockumentaries are starting to feel like they’re just a place for Samberg and his pals to be silly and let off some steam. Frankly, that’s something everyone can use right now.

Tour de Pharmacy premieres July 8 on HBO.