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Andy Samberg+Umami Burger+a Chicago Dog=The Samberger

Andy Samberg+Umami Burger+a Chicago Dog=The Samberger: Courtesy of Umami Burger

Courtesy of Umami Burger

The Chicago Dog cannot be improved upon. This is fact. But the Chicago Dog can be used to improve an already outstanding burger. Umami Burger and Andy Samberg have teamed up to do just that. The LA-based gourmet burger joint and the Lonely Islander, former SNLer and current Brooklyn Nine-Nine star have created the Chicago Dog-inspired Samberger.

The Samberger is the classic Umami topped with sport peppers, roasted tomatoes (a slight departure from the tradition dog, but we’ll allow it), dill pickles, relish, roasted garlic aioli (another departure, but hard to complain about aioli), and poppy seeds. Even better, $1 of every Samberger sold will benefit the Berkeley, Calif.-based Center for Early Intervention on Deafness.

Available starting September 23, the Samberger will only set you back $13. No word on whether Umami will frown upon you using ketchup on the burger like Chicagoans do if you try to put it on your hot dog.

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.

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