Anheuser-Busch has brought us closer to the inevitable cyborg takeover by utilizing an autonomous big-rig truck to haul beer 120 miles across Colorado. The car company, Otto, has been noticed by several brands looking to make high-volume transportation more profitable. The advantage, as we learned in The Terminator, is clear: Machines don’t get tired. Lest you get too fearful about the imminent robot takeover, keep in mind that the technology on the beer run had to be monitored by a driver inside the cockpit. For now, humans remain the master.

Automation is a growing reality of transportation jobs. Due to the higher safety of automated trucks and cars, both commercial and pedestrian interests make automation a lucrative investment. Ride-sharing service Uber has publicly announced that it would move towards using self-driving cars, and the US Department of Transportation has begun getting ready for the arrival of automated vehicles. Recently they established an advisory committee on this topic.

Something tells me we need to reprogram the T-800 and send it back in time.