Anheuser-Busch has halted beer production at its Georgia brewery in order to produce drinking water for flood victims in Texas and Oklahoma.

So far, the Cartersville brewery has produced 50,000 cans of water for the American Red Cross. The plant produces water at various times throughout the year in order to help with emergency relief efforts.

“It’s something we’re uniquely positioned to do in a very timely period,” brewery manager Rob Haas told NBC News.

About 2,000 cases, each carrying 24 cans, are en route to communities in Texas and Oklahoma, he added. The water is expected to reach those areas within the next few days.

This is a very kind act on Anheuser-Busch’s part. In fact, it’s so kind that I won’t make a cheap joke about how their beer is basically water to being with.

I kid, I kid. Anheuser-Busch makes a quality product. In fact, I drink Bud Light every morning.

(Source: NBC News)