For someone born today, World War II will seem as distant as the Civil War seemed to us. And as the last of our World War II veterans die, it’s easy to lose perspective on what really transpired.

But Neil Halloran’s new video, The Fallen of World War II, shows the true scale of the conflict by visualizing military and civilian deaths, breaking it all down by country and comparing the conflict to other historical events.

The results are often jarring. For example, more people died in World War II than in all the wars before it combined. More Americans died storming the beaches of Normandy - an operation that began 71 years ago today - than have died in the entire 13-year occupation of Afghanistan.

However, the point of the video is not to trivialize the death and destruction caused by modern conflicts. It simply seeks to show the true enormity of the greatest conflict in human history.

(H/T: I09)

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