Ghost in the Shell opens in theaters this week, letting the world see what it looks like when America looks at a beloved piece of Japanese pop culture and thinks, “Yeah, that’s good, but what if Scarlett Johansson?” Assuming the movie is a hit at the box office, it just opens the way for more whitewashed versions of anime and manga classics, so why not start checking some out on Netflix to be ahead of the zeitgeist? Here are ten to choose from:

Bleach (2004)
That everyday story of boy meets girl gets a new twist when the meeting results in his ability to help souls reach the afterlife, and launches him on a new career fighting evil. You know, as you do.

Death Note (2006)
What if you had a book that let you kill anyone on Earth just by writing their name in it? If that seems high concept enough for an immediate remake, be glad that Netflix is already on it.

Kill la Kill (2013)
A young homeless girl’s attempts to discover the truth about her father’s death lead her to a school where things aren’t exactly what they seem. (Including the queen bitch of the school and her faithful friends, the wonderfully named “Elite Four.”)

Attack on Titan (2013)
One of the hottest manga and anime properties around right now, Attack on Titan is the aftermath of an alien invasion, when the aliens have… well, almost entirely won, and humanity struggles to survive in fortified cities. Can things get worse? You bet.

Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet (2013)
It’s a story we’re all familiar with: kid goes through black hole, kid ends up on unknown alien planet and has to try to get by. The twist this time around? The mystery planet in question is Earth, and the kid happens to be an alien.

Aldnoah.Zero (2014)
As if the destruction of the moon wasn’t enough reason to keep Earth and Mars from going to war again, the two planets find themselves forced against each other once again… unless the manipulations can be uncovered by heroes on both planets.

The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)
After the murder of her father at the hands of his own knights, what is a determined, capable Princess to do? If you answered “team up with seven outlaws and try to get revenge,” then you might have a long future in front of you in anime development.

Expelled From Paradise (2014)
After an apocalyptic event essentially wiped out humanity, survivors uploaded themselves into a cybernetic network… but it turns out that they’re not alone in there. Think of it as The Matrix, but moreso.

One-Punch Man (2015)
It’s not easy being a superhero so powerful that you could kill anyone with just one blow. Ask the depressed hero at the center of this parody series… as long as he’s not stuck in the middle of another existential crisis, that is.

AJIN: Demi-Human (2016)
Pity poor Kei. What he thought was regular teenage angst ends up supercharged when he discovers that he’s actually an immortal who’s being hunted by the government, and also might be the only person who can prevent disaster. Suddenly, regular teenage angst seems kind of good, doesn’t it, Kei?