Ankara resident James Taylor responded to last night’s tragic bombing in Turkey on Facebook, asking the world to stand with his beloved and scarred city the way the world stood with Charlie Hebdo and Paris. This has sinced been shared hundreds of thousands of times across the globe.

For those who do not know Turkey, or who distance themselves from these attacks, maybe this will open your eyes. The…

Posted by James Taylor on Sunday, March 13, 2016

After going viral, Taylor–whose Facebook intro now reads, “No interviews, no politics. We are all human.”–posted a follow-up.

It is easy to hate. It is easy to ignore. Why is it so hard to love?

I do not wish to be interviewed by any newspaper, TV channel or other media outlet, because this is not about me. I am just another human living on this planet. My voice has been heard, but I cannot speak for everyone. When will we start listening to the rest of the world?

We may have different passports. We may have different opinions. But we all matter, and we are all capable of making an impact. I woke up yesterday as a normal 23 year old, with friends, with hobbies, with ideas, and I shall wake up again tomorrow as a normal 23 year old. There are those who are less fortunate than I am, who may not be waking up tomorrow, but no matter which part of the globe they are from, they are just as important, and just as loved as the rest of us.

We are Paris, we are Ankara, we are Syria, we are Ivory Coast. But above all, we are Human.