Coinciding with the release of her new movie, the wedding-centric Table 19, actress Anna Kendrick created a tutorial-esque video for her 10.8 million Instagram followers, providing a few “Tips to Ruin a Wedding.”

Siting in front of a printed ikat backdrop, [Kendrick] deadpan suggests the following ways to make an impression at the celebration.

Just some thoughts for today. 😘 TABLE 19 in theaters this weekend 🎂🎂🎂🎂

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“Do your Beyonce cover,” egging on viewers by encouraging them to demonstrate their musical skills. If Everyone already does this, why not jump into the spotlight at the most appropriate of time.

“Write a mean Yelp review of the flower girl,” and create said Yelp page.

“When the bride and groom are introduced as husband and wife for the first time yell, “Fake News!” Surely this will make their moment unforgettable.

“You can bring your own cake, and ask if everything is gluten free, and make a really big deal about how hard it has been for you to have a gluten intolerance.”

“Make today the day that you test your personal champagne limit.” Some guest is bound to do it anyway – why not you?

Kendrick has been on the video kick lately. A few days earlier she and Pitch Perfect co-star Brittany Snow posted this comically awkward exchange.

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