You wouldn’t think that South by Southwest —the annual film, music, and tech festival in Austin — would be the typical setting for growing anti-robot sentiment movement, but this Sunday, protesters descended on the festival to save humanity.

What one may have assumed was either an elaborate movie promotion or just a lazy joke, turned out to be an actual protest aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of artificial intelligence. The protesters are part of a group called Stop the Robot and were inspired by Elon Musk’s warnings of “summoning the demon” of artificial intelligence.

The group does not actually want to impede scientific progress, but rather, ensure more stringent regulations and safeguards based on human morality. Adam Manson, one of the protesters told BBC Radio, “Humans make mistakes. If we make something that is as smart as humans or smarter, why won’t it make mistakes? We have to consider solutions [based on] human morality, rather than the morality of a computer.”

But seriously though, we know what these protesters are really afraid of… KILLER ROOMBAS!