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Anti-Sexism Ad Pulled After … Accusations of Sexism

Via [@France3tv](

Via @France3tv.

A French television station (France 3) has pulled an ad showcasing its efforts to hire female broadcasters after the commercial itself was criticized as sexist.

The ad, which can be seen in the following tweet, shows a family home in complete disarray before asking the question, “Where are the women?”

The answer to the question, and the implied reason for the chaotic home, is that all the women “are on France 3.”

While the ad was meant to draw attention to the station’s efforts to hire women, it instead caused an online backlash from people who felt it implied that women must be responsible for household chores. Delphine Ernotte, the woman who is currently in charge of the station, eventually pulled that ad, but not before French women’s minister, Pascale Boistard, complained about it on Twitter.

(Source: Unilad)

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