You may never set foot in James Bond’s house, mostly because it’s a fictional place and its tenant is a fictional man. But if 007 was real, it’s not like any rando could score an invite to the secret agent’s swanky bachelor pad. And even then, you’d probably have to navigate around a bunch of booby traps just to ring his doorbell.

Plan B: Trick out your own home to make it look and feel like a super spy’s high-tech headquarters. Chances are you already have a voice-activated assistant on your kitchen counter, so think of Alexa like she’s your own personal Moneypenny. Now fill up the rest of your place with these ultra-cool gadgets and you won’t just live smarter—you’ll also achieve a space worthy of attracting a Bond Girl or two.

Sure, the universal remote your grandfather uses is corny and clunky, but when done right, it’s a convenient, time-saving piece of tech. Take the SPIN remote SDC-1: a simple, stylish, palm-sized device that can flick through your channels, dim your lights, and boost your soundsystem with one seamless turn ($151,

Sadly, voice-activated couches don’t actually exist (yet), despite a tantalizing April Fool’s hoax from Wayfair that touted the Siri-like “Sofia.” The next best thing is the Lift-Bit, a digitally reconfigurable furniture system from Italian designers and Swiss manufacturers ($459, Simply wave your hand over a series of upholstered stools and they’ll move up and down in seconds to create custom couch configurations fit for your keister. Just beware: According to the designers, if you leave the Lift-Bit alone for a while, it’ll start shape-shifting on its own.

And when it comes to mood lighting, pick the elegant NOTTI ($49.99,, which flashes every time you get a call or text message and pulses to the beat of whatever jam you’re playing. What do secret agents bump in their spare time, anyway? Serge Gainsbourg?

It doesn’t take much to turn a refrigerator ‘smart’ these days, but Samsung’s next-level Family Hub 2.0 (from $3,499, is the best in its class. This fridge from the future can do all the following things, in increasingly preposterous order: create shopping lists, plan meals, coordinate family dinners, keep track of expiration dates, order groceries, share photos, play music, chill your Stoli Vodka and stream Netflix shows. Is there any good reason for such an appliance to exist? Nah, not really. Does that make the Family Hub any less awesome? Hell no.

As a suave spy, your bedroom is always going to be a little steamy. (Catch our drift?) But if you can’t sleep unless you’re in the perfect conditions, invest in Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link. Sync up your unit with the accompanying app to monitor and control the temperature and humidity of your room at all times, regardless if you’re in the kitchen or fighting Russian villains in some volcano lair. ($599.99,

As far as your bed goes, you’ll want to pull out all the stops: Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed senses every toss and turn and automatically contorts to your new position, subtly raises your head when you’re snoring to ease airflow, and warms your feet just because (from $4,499, Top it off with Mode | M’s Sunrise Smart Pillow, which uses LED lights to help you gradually wake up every morning, mimicking the effects of natural sunlight ($129,

Planning out your day can be tough in the morning, especially when you haven’t had your coffee and your brain’s still operating at half-speed. Need some help? Meet MirroCool, a hands and voice-free smart mirror that uses facial gesture recognition technology and a built-in camera to meet your every demand. Stand in front of the mirror and it’ll display your agenda for the day, reveal the forecast, and even snap a selfie for good measure ($139,

Once a friggin’ mirror assistant helps you kick off your day, it’s kinda hard to step into an old-school shower with lousy water pressure and a leaky faucet. So don’t. Upgrade to the U by Moen (from $460,, a ridiculously cool shower that you can control with your phone: Set your exact shower duration, tweak your temperature, and save your preferences so you can replicate the settings any time you want. You can also pause the shower to avoid wasting water in case you need to step out and take a crucial call from the boss. Or, better yet, install the H2oVibe Rain Showerhead, which lets you hop on the phone while scrubbing your pits ($36.95,

And of course, no smart bathroom is complete without a high-tech commode. Americans haven’t quite come around to Japanese toilets yet, but be the first guy on your block to boldly go #2 on one of Toto’s futuristic flushers. We love the Neorest 750H ($10,200,, which uses an integrated UV light and special glaze to clean grime in the bowl and boasts a heated seat, deodorizer, and warm water sprays (among dozens of badass bells and whistles) to help you pop the most relaxing, refreshing squat ever.