Have you ever been curious about how much Fortune 100 companies spend to protect their CEO’s? Here’s a hint: it’s a lot.

On Friday CNN Money reported that Apple spends almost $700,000 to protect CEO Tim Cook. However, the $700,000 security price tag is relatively common for CEO’s with huge public companies like Apple.

Apple’s security budget might seem pretty large, but their budget is dwarfed compared to what Amazon spends on security for Jeff Bezos. According to Fortune’s January article, the company spends nearly $1.6 million to protect Jeff Bezos.

According to Amazon:

[The $1.6 million sum] represents the approximate aggregate incremental cost to Amazon.com of security arrangements for Mr. Bezos in addition to security arrangements provided at business facilities and for business travel. We believe that all company-incurred security costs are reasonable and necessary and for the company’s benefit.

Via BoingBoing