By Apple’s lofty standards, its watch has been a total flop, as its failed to achieve the same kind of ubiquity as Apple’s other ultra-popular products (you know the ones). But, that hasn’t stopped the tech giant from rolling out some ultra-luxe add-ons to help convince the more sophisticated tech nerds that maybe its watches are actually worth buying.

When the watch was first released a couple of years ago, Apple teamed up with some of the world’s top fashion houses, who helped them create some seriously stylish watch bands. One of those brands was Hermès, the French high fashion icon known for its superior handbags.

Well, apparently Apple liked what it saw, because once again, it collaborated with Hermès on some leather watch bands for the Apple Watch Series 2. According to Apple, the collab is a ”culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard, and features “finely handcrafted leather bands from Hermès and Apple-designed watch faces based on the iconic Clipper, Cape Cod, and Espace Hermès watches.” Starting at $339, the signature bands are available right now on and Check them out below.