From the iMac to the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad to the iWatch (which isn’t what it’s actually called, but whatever), Apple has been changing the world and the way we communicate with each other for decades now. The tech company’s next big thing is most likely a widely rumored electric car that will undoubtedly blow our minds, but don’t sleep on the other game-changing innovation percolating in Cupertino: a motherfucking PIZZA box.

Wired recently toured Apple’s new ridiculously high-tech campus and dropped a juicy nugget in its report from the Mothership: The company invented its own pizza box for its cafeteria. The enterprising journalists at The Verge dug deeper and uncovered the patent for the container, which looks something like this:

The container, which employees have been using to transport their ‘za back to their desks for years, is sized for personal pies. The holes in the lid allow the air and moisture to escape, preventing the crust from getting soggy in the box, per Wired. I’m not smart enough to realize that keeping your pizza in the box makes it lose some of its crisp, but that’s Apple’s genius for you: The company solves big problems you never knew you had.

So far the iPizzaBox is for Apple employees only, but I bet Domino’s—whose own gimmicky innovations have led to a 5,000 percent stock increase over the last decade—is hard at work developing its ripoff as we speak.