Women characters in Street Fighter V sure have some overstated, slightly goofy animations. They’re even goofier and more over-the-top when they’re applied to the rippling, manly muscle piles that are series favorites Ryu and Ken.

A while back, Capcom removed an animation of one character, R. Mika, that had her slapping her ass before laying waste to fools. Fans managed to dig into the game’s files and resurrect the animation, though, and it’s through that same skill that one enterprising YouTuber called Tommy has applied the animations of R. Mika and Laura, another female character, to shirtless bearded Ryu. The result is a Ryu who is very pleased with his body, and who’s fully willing to crush enemies heads with the awesome power of his ass.

Slapping the female animations on Ryu calls some attention to just how ridiculous they are, but honestly, this version of Ryu is way more interesting, with much more personality, than regular Ryu. At the very least, it expands on his deep BFF/rival relationship with Ken.

Next up: watch the character Quiet’s animations from Metal Gear Solid V get applied to the gruff and manly Revolver Ocelot—including, amazingly, an actual shower scene. Glorious.

Via Kotaku