There has always been something otherworldly about Arcade Fire, from their avant-garde antics to their idiosyncratic world view, the Montreal rockers have never quite felt of this earth. In the brand new video for their new single “Signs of Life,” Arcade Fire takes that idea and runs with it.

Anchored by the direction of the Miami art collective Borscht, the clip begins with our protagonists—a sort of Mulder and Scully by way of the Lower East Side—and their search for extraterrestrial life (Mulder’s trademark “I Want to Believe” poster makes a wink-and-a-nod cameo).

When they stumble on video footage of aliens dancing in the dessert (that would be Arcade Fire, you see) our heroes embark on a madcap journey through Florida’s neon underbelly. The whole thing is shot with the same kinetic energy that made the Beastie Boys’ Spike Jonze-directed “Sabotage" video an instant classic.

As for the song itself, “Signs of Life” is the latest signal that Arcade Fire has fully abandoned the orchestral anthemic rock that helped turn them into one of the biggest bands in the world. This is yet another LCD Soundsystem-inspired disco track that relies equally on hand claps, muscular horns and a synth-heavy bassline.

The song also falls in line with the other tracks we’ve heard from the band’s upcoming album Everything Now. It arrives July 28, just in time to keep us dancing well past Labor Day. Watch the video for “Signs of Life” below.