Behold the first promo for the upcoming season of Archer, which premieres March 31 on FX. It’s a shot-for-shot remake of the Magnum P.I. opening credits, and I’ve already watched it 16 times. Highlights include Archer leveling his ice-blue eyes at the camera before taking off in a red sports car (0:16), Cyril doing tai chi (0:23), Pam as a rodeo clown (0:45) and more Magnum-style mustache than you’ve seen at one time since 1988.

Voiced by Wet Hot American Summer alum and jazz innovator H. Jon Benjamin, Sterling Mallory Archer is a Voltron of 20th-century manly men — Sean Connery’s James Bond, Don Adams’s Maxwell Smart, Burt Reynolds (who I’m convinced is Archer’s father) circa Cannonball Run and Tom Selleck’s Magnum — but these scenes from Season 7 are more about the tropical locales than the ass-kicking: That red two-seater has Hawaii plates!