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The Women of ‘Archer’ Also Made It Into the Pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The Women of ‘Archer’ Also Made It Into the Pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

If you haven’t seen Archer, stop what you’re doing right now, go on Netflix and watch it. Even if you’re a doctor getting ready to perform life-saving surgery, go watch Archer instead. I would argue you haven’t really lived until you’ve watched at least three seasons of Archer.

Now that we’ve all seen the show, we all know that the characters on the show are obsessed with sex. Besides nearly causing catastrophic global events, it’s probably the thing they’re best at doing. So if the characters were asked to pose in provocative photos, we’re guessing they would almost certainly say yes. Well, it turns out they already have.

While the women of Archer may be ficitional, that didn’t stop the people at Sports Illustrated from including them in the most recent Swimsuit issue. You can decide whether or not they’re hotter than Ronda Rousey, Gigi Hadid or Nina Agdal.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), there are no pics of Mallory included. We’re hoping the next season of Archer is just Sterling going around the world photographing women. Although, that wouldn’t be much different than past seasons.

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