If you happened to find a massive, abandoned cement factory most of us would just probably try to embark on our own version of Ghost Hunters. But when you’re a forward-thinking architect, you are apparently able to see beautiful potential in a dilapitated building.

Yeah, this might be a larger metaphor for how we should handle 2017.

But the happy accident of architect Recardo Bofill stumbling upon a forgotten cement factory outside Barcelona in 1973 turned into an ambitious 45-year design project that will inspire design nerds everywhere. The project, dubbed La fábrica, has been completely transformed into a sprawling modern home. The factory was a WWI-era building that had closed down and been abandoned for years. Now, after years of deconstruction, planning and determination, the property is surrounded by beautifuly currated gardens and romantic design touches. And yes, the interior is also obviously out of this world.

Instead of comletely gutting the space, Bofill reinvisioned some of the original features of the factory in a modern way. The industrial chimneys are now populated with lush plants and greenery, and factory silos still remain. The home is also used as a work space, as Bofill’s team also uses the residence as a studio.

Even though the factory has been a labor of love for Bofill for 45 years, he says he still isn’t done working on it. And in a rather romantic sentiment, the architect likens the transformation of his home to his own creative journey. Ugh, I need to get on this level of dedication for my own apartment.