Some years ago, UFOlogist Scott Waring pointed out how you could use Google Maps to find an aircraft curiously shaped like the Millennium Falcon, which was rumored to be spot on. Those images supposedly aren’t there anymore, so Waring’s posted an updated video that explains how to travel back in time on the app.

He shows you where to spot the 30-meter UFO at Area S4, which a former Area 51 employee, back in 1989, claimed houses UFOs.

This is a climate controlled hangar that holds a 90ft disc. The hangar was built around the disc, and apparently they had difficulty flying it in the beginning. There are often two or more small passenger planes to carry scientists in and out secretly.

To be fair, as Unilad points out, Waring previously mistook a Romanian water tower for a UFO, so take aliens with a grain of salt.