We don’t know why, but Ariana Grande has always irked. Despite her undeniable talent—displayed in hits ‘Focus’ and 'Problem'—the former child star has never really seemed…likeable. Maybe it’s because one time she licked donuts she didn’t pay for while shouting “I hate America.” Maybe it’s the hum of articles about her seemingly bratty behavior that have followed the singer/actress/Floridian her entire career. Maybe it’s because someone once pointed out that her name sounds like a bad Spanish translation for “large spider.” But whatever the genesis of our mild Grande disdain, it was shaken this weekend by her turn hosting Saturday Night Live.

Let us explain. First, she said “shit” on live television during her monologue, which was endearing in the celebrities-are-just-like-us! sense. Then she whipped out a spot-on J-Law impression:



Of course, this wasn’t the first time Grande showed the Internet her next-level impression skills. Here she is on Fallon last fall, mimicking Britney and Xtina like boss and belting “Shall we go for eeet?!!” in an uncanny channelling of Celine Dion:

A little off-topic, but let’s also take a moment to revisit when Ariana Grande was nearly crushed by a Victoria’s Secret Angel:

Consider the look on her face. This picture could almost as easily have been this one. Add to that the fact that impressions as good as hers could take real perception and empathy. And so we cautiously submit to you: Ariana Grande may actually be awesome.