Online controversy surrounds Ariana Grande, as a TMZ video of her licking a donut went viral and caused a firestorm of reactions under the hashtag #donutgate. Ariana has now issued a statement claiming that the lick was an anti-obesity protest, and that she loves America.

The controversy first fired up when TMZ obtained security camera footage of Grande in Lake Elsinore, CA’s Wolfee Donuts, playing a round of “will you actually lick this donut?” with her boyfriend.

While licking a donut that you haven’t paid for is gross and childish, the real reason to get angry about the video was nearer to the end when an employee walked by with a tray of oversized donuts and Grande was reported to have said “What the f–k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

The Wolfee Donut’s staff weren’t very happy with the stunt, as no one but the security camera saw the now-infamous lick happen (they probably aren’t much happier now that the hubbub surrounding the video has gotten their cleanliness grade dropped), and neither was most of the internet, as #donutgate exploded all over social media.

Soon after, Major League Baseball posted word that Grande would no longer be performing at the league’s All-Star Game, and while that has now been attributed to Grande receiving oral surgery, it’s hard to imagine that donut-loving patriots would have wanted her there.

After a few days of silence, Ariana finally issued a statement to Buzzfeed News to attempt to set the record straight, claiming that the whole stunt was some kind of a bizarre anti-obesity protest and made it clear that she is all-caps EXTREMELY proud to be an American.

The case doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, as now local police and health officials are investigating the incident. You can’t mess with America’s donuts and not expect the brass to get involved, Grande.