Ariel Winter has never been shy about taking on her critics—especially when they try to body shame her, which they do on a regular basis. The Modern Family actress has been accused of overdressing, of Photoshopping her pics, and of exposing herself, among other things. Now that it’s summer, she’s facing a new, more specific variety of criticism: shorts-shaming.

Winter noticed that whenever she wears shorts in public, she’s described as “squeezing” into them, and as she points out, that word choice is offensive:

In her mini-rant, she says it’s more pleasant to wear minimal clothes when it’s this warm out, but we all know the hot weather isn’t really the issue. Ariel Winter is allowed to wear skin-baring outfits all year round if she wants to, because it is HER body, and she’s the one who gets to decide which clothes she puts on it.

Winter has previously explained that growing up in the public eye was hard on her self-esteem, and that now that she feels more confident, she’s going to post photos of herself wearing revealing clothing anytime she wants. Good for her!

Let’s all wear the shortest shorts we can find this weekend, in Ariel Winter’s honor. Here’s some inspiration:


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