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The Nerdy Sister From ‘Modern Family’ Looks Way Different When She’s Not On Set

It’s always weird to see someone that you recognize someone when they’re out of character. It’s like running into WWE’s The Undertaker when he’s wearing sweatpants and UGG boots and he’s not tombstone piledriver-ing woeful opponents. It’s hard to imagine that these people have actual lives and personas outside of the ones that they portray. That’s exactly the case for Ariel Winter as well.

In case you’re unaware of who that is, she plays the nerdy sister on the hit television show Modern Family. She usually gets overshadowed by the “attractive, popular” sister played by Sarah Hyland. Ariel’s character, Alex Dunphy, is into books and is shy around boys and wears glasses… you know the stereotypical type. However, you’d hardly even recognize her without her Alex Dunphy costume on, because Ariel Winter is a drop-dead STUNNER.

I don’t mean she’s “oh, good for you!” attractive, I mean she’s the “OH MY LORD, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?” type of attractive. I just spend way too long looking at these pictures. I officially have a new celebrity crush.

🔞 birthday outfit #charbelzoe

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A photo posted by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on

#sagawards 2016

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My interview will be in Friday’s @peoplemag be sure to pick one up ☺️ #peoplemagazine

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