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Ariel Winter Flaunts her Surgery Scars and Talks Surviving Puberty in the Spotlight

Growing up in the limelight isn’t easy. I can’t even relate; the height of my fame was a house-league basketball all-star game MVP award. (I knew I’d work that into a post eventually.) But when you look at the amount of child stars who struggle in their adult years, the evidence is pretty apparent that it’s a tough transition. Modern Family’s Ariel Winter knows this all too well.

She recently sat down with SELF to discuss how awful growing up famous can be on someone’s self esteem. “I had a hard time finding confidence within myself. When I started [Modern Family], I had a completely different body than what happened overnight at 12 years old,” she says. “I was stick thin, I had no chest, I had no butt—I had nothing. I was totally flat, and I was so sad about it.”

Then her body started to change—pretty quickly and drastically. She goes on, “I was a D cup and had a bigger butt, and my waist was expanding. Everything was getting bigger. I automatically got this hate and judgment online.”

Her costar Sofia Vergara, who knows all about curves, helped her out with some sage advice. Ariel explains, “She could see that I was struggling a little bit with how to deal with my body, and was always trying to give me advice, like, ‘Here are some brands that would look good on our body type,’ or ‘Wear whatever you want, and feel good about yourself.’”

Ariel had breast reduction surgery at age 17, which she’s not shy about anymore. In fact, she flaunts her scars in a topless photo for SELF:

Ariel Winter for SELF

Ariel Winter for SELF

That tattoo on her ribcage is a fascinating one. It’s the initials of her four nieces and one nephew, with whom she shares a special bond.

It’s clear that Ariel isn’t self concious about her body anymore. And she shouldn’t be. See for yourself.

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