A homeowner in Argentina used a decorative Katana sword to fend off three intruders who were armed with pistols. Dias Costa, a 49-year-old steelworker with no martial arts training, mercilessly hacked the thieves with his blade after both he and his wife were physically assaulted inside their home.

The criminals were badly injured during the melee, receiving gashes to their arms, legs, and faces. One thief even lost part of his ear before the group fled.

"No, Donny. These men are cowards."

“No, Donny. These men are cowards.”

Leonardo would be impressed. I’m talking about the Ninja Turtle, not the artist. But in all fairness, da Vinci would probably be impressed as well.

Police say the gang managed to steal around $400 worth of property before fleeing by car. But thanks to Costa’s impressive swordsmanship, the getaway driver was bleeding so profusely that he crashed his Peugeot 206 into a parked car.

Argentine bandits, Japanese swords, French automobiles: This story reads like a Tarantino wet dream.

He brought a gun to a sword fight, but still lost.

He brought a gun to a sword fight, but still lost.

All of the thieves have now been arrested, along with a female accessory. Unfortunately, none of the injuries were life threatening, although one of the men is said to be in intensive care, so at least there’s that.