Arsene Wenger has been manager of the illustrious Arsenal Football Club since 1996 and has led the team to three Premier League titles and five FA Cup trophies. He has demonstrated an ability to push precocious and finicky soccer players beyond their limits. There are still some things, however, that Wenger hasn’t mastered on the pitch. Like his zipper.

Wenger has had well-documented struggles with the zipper on the coat he wears during matches. When Puma took over sponsorship of Arsenal’s jersey and sideline gear from Nike, they sought to address this issue. In a funny new video, Puma acknowledged the importance of flawless zipping. “The consequences of a zipper malfunction can take you out of your zone instantly.” Puma studied Wenger’s hands and the pace of his zipping to create a coat that he could wear on the bench without any issues.

Watch the video:

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