Paleo warriors, urban cowboys and frequent fliers, rejoice: Beef jerky, that most manly and portable snack, is going the way of so much modern sustenance—which is to say, artisanally awesome. We’re not talking the standard-issue, MSG-laden truck-stop strips of reformulated bovine foodstuffs. The best of this beefy boom is recognizably cut from a cow (often grass-fed), expertly seasoned and tasty enough that you’ll want to eat it even when you’re not on the road. Here are three brands worthy of your desk or dash.

Kings County
We love the range of bold flavors (including Sichuan ginger) and the jerky-of-the-month subscription. All grass-fed, all the time.

Jack Link’s
Of course there’s a limited-edition sriracha-flavored jerky, and these guys make it—as well as a complex and smoky Small Batch line.

Customize your grass-fed beef online with unusual marinades such as pale ale, spicy or garlicky rubs and tangy or sweet glazes.