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Four Artisanal Pork Products to Blow Your Mind

Four Artisanal Pork Products to Blow Your Mind: Franceso Tonelli

Franceso Tonelli

Jamón Ibérico
Jamón Ibérico is Spain’s rightfully revered ham. Until a few years ago it was illegal to import. While basic Ibérico is amazing, the best of the best is spectacular. You want jamón Ibérico pata negra bellota. Pata negra is the black-footed breed of pig considered the superior jamón pig. Bellota means “acorn,” which is what the pigs feast on. The combination of the two yields the sweetest, nuttiest, deepest-flavored results. Wham, bam, thank you, ham. $48 for three ounces of jamón Ibérico de bellota,

Prosciutto Americano
Made in Iowa from organically raised pigs, this salty-sweet cured ham gives the Italians a run for their money. $16 for three ounces,

01 prosciutto nightlife pigmeat

Secreto Ibérico
In Spain, the secreto (or “secret”) cut is what we call skirt steak. When sourced from a Spanish pig that foraged for acorns in the forests of Córdoba, this cut has a baconlike richness that’s perfect for a quick sear on the grill. $48 per pound,

02 secretoiberico nightlife pigmeat

Olympic Provisions Sausage
Portland’s Olympic Provisions takes dried sausage to another level with versions such as Italian finocchiona made with fennel and garlic and Greek loukanika made with cumin and orange zest. $10 per sausage,

03 OlympicSausage nightlife pigmeat

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