When last we left globe-trotting Playmates Ashley Hobbs and Jordan Monroe, Jordan was jumping off a 140-foot bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand. Having survived her extreme adventure, Jordan joined Ashley to try another New Zealand adventure sport: speed-boating down the Shotover River.

“It was a little scary going the canyons at 80 miles per hour, but pretty amazing and thrilling at the same time,” Jordan said. “Watching the bartenders mixing drinks while in the boat was very cool and I have a new found respect for their craft; they barely spilled anything while getting hit with a lot of water and wind. Next time I do this though, I’ll have to ask the man behind the wheel to ease up on the gas going around the corners.”

Said Ashley: “One of the best experiences of my life! I honestly thought we were going to hit the rocks a few times, but just when you get close, they give it a quick turn and whip you around like a tilt a whirl; only you get splashed with water. I wanted to go again, but then would’ve missed drinking wine at one of best vineyards in New Zealand. Tough decision, right?”

The Playmates also experienced some of the jaw-dropping scenery around Queenstown (site for much of the filming of Lord of the Rings).

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