Ashley Graham always looks amazing, but some of her most noteworthy moments occur when she’s modeling her own clothing lines. For example, her swimsuits are designed to look good on women of all sizes, but they seem to fit her body especially well, which is only logical. Why wouldn’t she design with herself in mind? The same is true of her new “Purple Rain” lingerie collection with Addition Elle. Fans of the curvy supermodel will definitely want to check out this video in which she models several of her latest lingerie sets:

In a separate Addition Elle video, Graham talks about how much it means to her to design lingerie that helps other women feel confident and empowered. She says, “Sexy isn’t defined by one word or one phrase or one face. For me, sexy comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities—everything… For me, when I feel the sexiest is when I’m comfortable and when I feel my best inside.”

It makes sense that Graham would feel the most beautiful in lingerie created to her specifications. That’s probably why she looks particularly gorgeous when she models it: