We caught up with Miss December 2010 Ashley Hobbs on Wednesday for the latest installment of Facetime. Ashley has a new Playmate Xtra pictorial online right now and wants fans to be on the lookout for her redesigned personal website. A native of Kailua, Hawaii, Ashley talked about her favorite vacation spot, a life changing moment and where she sees herself in 10 years.

Lino Dominguez: Being from Hawaii what would you say is the most beautiful thing about the Islands? And have you ever climbed Diamond Head?Ashley: *Yes, I have climbed Diamond Head and I would have to say the most beautiful thing I’ve seen when I’m back home is my favorite beach, Lanikai, because of the white sand beaches, really calm waters and crystal clear water. *

David Davis: What is your favorite vacation spot?Ashley: *Given that I’ve only been to a couple of places, I’d have to say New Zealand. It’s really beautiful and calm and the people are really nice. I was there for Playboy for the World Cup of Cocktail. *

Chris Ahrens: What is your absolute favorite movie?Ashley: *I don’t have an all-time favorite movie but I have an all-time favorite actor. It would have to be Jim Carey, but the comedic Jim Carey, not the serious Jim Carey. *Ace Ventura, Yes Man, Liar, Liar—all of those movies are my favorites. **

John M. Major: What is your favorite guy quality?Ashley: *Physically he has to be taller than me, but personality-wise he can’t be full of himself. So somebody that’s humble and a gentleman. *

Richard Larson: If you could go back and start all over, would you do it all the same?Ashley: **If I could go back and start all over and I worked just as much, I think I would have come into Playboy a lot earlier, as soon as I turned 18. I want to make the most of this experience and it just would have made this experience two years longer. But the process—I would not change anything. I probably would have the same mentality because that’s who I am. It’s been the most memorable and exciting experience I’ve ever had.


Farhaad Shah: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?Ashley: *I see myself hopefully either owning a small cafe or owning my own bar, like a pub-style Coyote Ugly bar. And hopefully have a husband or someone to call my significant other. Definitely planning a family, but it’s definitely going to wait 10 years from now. *

Bob Adamopoulos: Do you know how to surf?Ashley: **I do know how to surf but I prefer to paddleboard, though. I don’t like the adrenaline when you drop into a wave. That’s just not me.**

Frank Totcky: What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?Ashley: **I’d have to say it was actually when I was in New Zealand. We rode this huge speedboat that had seats inside and it went 80 miles an hour like four inches above the water. It was nuts. It was a good adrenaline rush and probably the most thrilling thing I’ve done because when it was done I didn’t want to get out of the boat!**

Daryl Matsuoka: What was the turning part of your life that helped you become the woman you are today?Ashley: *Not including Playboy I would have to say the birth of my nephew, my sister’s first son. I was there for the entire pregnancy, labor and first six years of his life, pretty much every other day. It got to the point where I considered him my own. It just humbled me into more of a loving person. I was more of an independent person before he was born. Honestly, I thought of someone else other than myself and it changed how I looked at things. And with Playboy, it changed how I viewed myself. I was very self conscious of how I looked. So everyone telling me when I came into Playboy how beautiful I was boosted my confidence so I could get that sexual persona that Playboy looks for. I think those two situations in my life have changed me dramatically because they have made me the person I am. *

Christie Hillyer: What made you want to become a Playmate? Also do you have any advice for someone who aspires to be one?Ashley: *I never thought about being a Playmate until I was 18 and someone told me I should send my pictures in. I was hesitant about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it but when I did it I was glad I made the choice. After I decided to do it I went full force into it. To come out on the good side of it, that it did happen, it shows that any dream that anyone has can come through with determination, discipline and motivation. If you’re trying to become a Playmate, it is definitely worth your while to even try because the worst thing that can happen is somebody is going to say ‘no.’ So don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough. Just have the confidence in yourself to know that you’re sexy in your own way and men around the world will love it, and Hef just might love it, too. *

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