The Ashley Madison hack is a huge invasion of privacy and no one with a soul would look at the information. At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me.

That said, there’s still some interesting general information we can look at. For example, using the data from the hack, the people at put together this nifty chart showing the 25 cities with the most cheaters.

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São Paulo, Brazil, topped the list with 374,542 accounts, while New York City came in second with 268,171. However, Brooklyn and its 110,859 users were counted as a separate entry. Had it been combined with NYC, the Big Apple would have taken the top spot.

Other American cities that cracked the top 25 were Houston (186,795), Los Angeles (181,918). Chicago (162,444), Miami (109,505), San Antonio (99,157), Dallas (97,736), San Diego (94,953), Las Vegas (87,720), Atlanta (86,897), and Philadelphia (86,018).

Of course, just because someone started an account doesn’t mean they actually cheated (my wife keeps pointing that out, too). And as many people have noted, Ashley Madison’s lack of email verification means that a lot of these emails might be bogus.

However, while it’s understandable that people would use a fake email, using a fake city would entirely defeat the purpose (unless you’re constantly traveling). So it’s safe to say that this list is probably pretty accurate.

That said, these numbers are not per capita, so it’s really not a fair judgment. For example, Chicago comes in just behind London, yet London has roughly 6 million more residents. So Chicago has a much higher percentage of cheaters. But, as far as free Internet content goes, it’s a nice little chart.

(Source: DadaViz, H/T: The Independent)

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