When Aston Martin designed their Vulcan, a wild whip that was built for, and only for, the track, it eventually seemed inevitable that somebody would turn it into a street ride somehow. The auto manufacturer politely turned away their customers’ hopes of offering an altered version, due to the fact that, according to Road and Track, “the homologation requirements for road cars would have resulted in a much less extreme car.” But it’s finally here, thanks to an independent UK-based engineering company.

RML Group has experience with Aston, given that the team engineered the AMR-1, the car brand’s Group C prototype racer from the late ‘80s. The track-to-street conversion would take three months and might not even be available to U.S. customers, since one-off vehicle registration is a bit of a challenge in the States.

By Autocar’s estimate, the transformation would likely “stretch to a six-figure sum,” which would be a lot for a car upgrade…if the Vulcan wasn’t already $2.3 million to begin with. You can bet those owners have some financial freedom. It’s a small club too, as only 24 Vulcans were ever made. Still, as Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer told Autocar, four or five of the owners are probably going to go for it and finally bring the track heat to the streets.

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