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Exit Clear

The ASU Snapchat Account Is Filled with Booze, Drugs, and Nudity

If for some reason you stupidly spent your time in college studying and not going to a party school like Arizona State, then you may have missed out (or not) on the full college experience. Have no fear because The Daily Dot screen-shotted public pictures before the account was deleted by Snapchat. So now you can enjoy the collegiate party experience from the safety of your computer.

Without further ado, may we present, the ASU “SunDevil_Nation” Snapchat experience:

Warning Label ASU
boob blur ASU
bag drinking girl ASU
cute girl bong ASU
Cat BJ Request ASU
shirtless dude ASU
boobs on boobs ASU
Blow On ASU Table
hot girl bong ASU
shrooms ASU
sleeping under chair ASU
Jello Shots ASU
small boobs ASU
white lines ASU
Blow On Nose ASU
50 shades of ASU

You may want to go take a shower now.

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