Kate Moss turned 43 a few weeks back, but the supermodel is still a stunner, as she proves in a nude photo for W Magazine. (Want to see it? Click here.)

In a video interview with the magazine, Moss talks about how she got discovered as a model, and the fact that photographers have always wanted to shoot her naked. “Since I was fourteen, they always got me to take my clothes off. Even though I didn’t like my body at all, I just had to get comfortable with it. Still, they always ask me to take my clothes off. I have no idea why.” In the video, you can hear people off camera laugh when she says that. Um… Kate? People want to see you naked because you are gorgeous. After modeling for almost thirty years, you should know that!

Despite her mom’s initial skepticism about Moss pursuing a modeling career, she turned out to have exactly what it takes. Moss appears on the cover of W’s March 2017 “Powerful Women” issue, in a glamorous group shot with Jennifer Lopez, Taraji P. Henson, Donatella Versace and Jessica Chastain.