The app stores for Apple’s iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, and for Google’s Android smartphones and tablets are awash in games in which players run towns, buildings or fortresses. The idea is to endlessly build up your towns in newer, better ways, attracting new people to live in them and, from the standpoint of developers, hopefully spending some money.

Publisher Atari has a new such game out for iOS and Android, with a big difference: it’s made for an audience that doesn’t have many games made specifically for them. Called Pridefest, the game is specifically angled at the LGBTQ+ community, with players taking on the role of the mayor of a city and improving it in order to throw ever-more awesome Pride parades. Atari looked to make the game “emulate the colorful atmosphere and inclusive spirit” that Pride parades around the world evoke, according to its press release. The game also includes a number of social features so players can communicate with each other; the aim, Atari says, is for the game to help unite the community to which it means to appeal.

Last year, Atari announced it was planning to make more games specifically geared toward serving the LGBTQ+ community, one that goes almost completely unserved in the video games industry. In that way, Pridefest is making some video games history.

“As Atari’s first game developed in support of LGBTQ equality, Pridefest works to bridge the gap between this underserved community and the gaming industry,” Atari CEO Fred Chesnais said in a press release. “While creating a fun, inclusive game members of the community and allies can enjoy was an important goal, we hope that Pridefest also serves as a platform for members of the LGBTQ community to connect in a safe, supportive atmosphere.”

Pridefest is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.